Welcome to Bourbon Country

An Original American Experience is Waiting

American wines have their sacred grounds and several regions are widely known as extraordinary travel destinations.

But for the connoisseur of world-renown American whiskey, there is only one place that allows you a sensual and sensory experience that is truly unique to America.  Only one place where the smooth mellow flavors; the rich traditions and folklore; the regional culinary experience, the hip urban cocktail scene and relaxed countryside all mingle together to create an experience unlike anything else in the world.  Only in Kentucky.  Only in Bourbon Country. 

Perhaps it is the limestone that filters the spring fed streams and rivers in Kentucky.  Maybe it is the gently rolling lush green of the bluegrass.  Perhaps it is the warm, humid summers and mild winters.  Or the abundance of fresh locally grown corn, rye and other grains.  Nowhere else do the perfect conditions come together for making bourbon like in Kentucky.

Whether you’re a bourbon neophyte, or a time-honored aficionado, Bourbon Country promises a memorable and authentic vacation experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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Welcome to Bourbon Country!

Welcome to Bourbon Country! We invite you to travel throughout Bourbon Country to take in the many sites and attractions that toast our signature export.

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Suggested Itineraries

Whether a bourbon connoisseur or amateur, you'll delight in rich bourbon culture and the inspired food & cocktail's in Bourbon Country.

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Best Restaurants in Kentucky

A Unique Dining Experience you will only find in Bourbon Country

Kentucky's bartenders and chefs are truly showcasing the "local" ingredients in their natural environment. You will see bourbon featured prominently from the quaintest cafes in small towns to the...

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Travel the Trail

Urban Bourbon Trail


After a day of exploring Kentucky’s greatest distilleries it’s time to put your knowledge to the test on Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail®. This collection of local bars and restaurants have a wide knowledge of whiskies, Bourbon infused food menus and some of the city’s largest collections of...

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Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Urban Bourbon Distilleries

Proud to serve as the Gateway to Bourbon Country as a starting point for the scenic tours of legendary countryside distilleries, Louisville is now buzzing with a unique bourbon experience all its own.

The city is alive with the sounds of hustle, bustle and exciting new developments springing up on the original Whiskey Row and elsewhere with nearly a dozen bourbon-related ventures and $1 billion in investment. Louisville’s first distillery since Prohibition, The Evan Williams Bourbon...

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Itineraries for Bourbon Country

Bourbon Itineraries

Plan a unique trip to Bourbon Country with one of our suggested itineraries!

While it is possible to see every distillery if you spent a week in Bourbon Country, getting to every wonderful bourbon experience that can be had from a chocolate shop with THE best bourbon balls to every stop on the Urban Bourbon Trail is a little ambitious. We’ve designed some itineraries...

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Bourbon Events

Bourbon Events

There is always something do in Bourbon Country!

Bourbon tastings, bourbon dinners, cocktail classes, the history of Prohibition, bourbon and cheese pairings, even a road race….there is always something do in Bourbon Country. Learn how to make an Old-Fashioned, enjoy a 5 course bourbon paired dinner with a Master Distiller, savor a bourbon and...

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