Bourbon Country Destination Guide

The Official Guide to Bourbon Country is a unique publication, dedicated to educating and entertaining bourbon enthusiasts who are interested in visiting Bourbon Country.

Bourbon Country is comprised of the Kentucky bourbon-producing region that plays hosts to the most authentic bourbon attractions in the world. From bourbon distilleries and museums to world class bourbon bars and restaurants, people from all over the world recognize Kentucky as bourbon’s heartland.

Produced by the editors of Bourbon Review Magazine, the Official Guide to Bourbon Country is filled with attention-grabbing content for anyone who is interested in learning more about Bourbon Country, including stories about Master Distillers, cooking and cocktail recipes from the region’s top bourbon chefs and mixologists, a calendar of bourbon events within the state, the best places to stay and eat and much more.

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Just like enjoying bourbon, there are many ways to experience it by staying in a variety of places from romantic countryside to vibrant downtown cities.