Urban Bourbon Trail
The Bars

Urban Bourbon Trail

The Bars

In many places, a bar stocked with more than a dozen bourbons could be considered “a bourbon bar,” but not in Louisville, not in Bourbon Country.

The city’s bourbon heritage dates back to 1774 and continues to evolve to this day. One of the most exciting evolutions is the growth of restaurants celebrating bourbon in their cuisine, cocktails, décor and on the bar shelf. Many of the stops along the Urban Bourbon Trail exude a sense of history and connection to bourbon, while others put their own modern twist on America’s only native spirit.

Yes, they have at least 50 bourbons on the bar, some as many as 170, but it’s the stories, atmosphere, food and well-trained staff that set them apart.

Urban Bourbon Trail Founding Members
Five locally owned and operated bars and restaurants have been proud members of the Urban Bourbon Trail since its inception in 2008. Those include The Bar at Blu, Bourbons Bistro, Brown Hotel Lobby Bar, The Old Seelbach Bar, and Proof on Main.

The Bars & Restaurants of the Urban Bourbon Trail
Over the years, additional local bars and restaurants have stepped up their bourbon knowledge and offerings and joined the ranks of the Urban Bourbon Trail. Although newer to the trail, they include well-established favorites to places that have been open at least one year. 

View all the members of the Urban Bourbon Trail below:

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Just like enjoying bourbon, there are many ways to experience it by staying in a variety of places from romantic countryside to vibrant downtown cities.