Stoneware & Co.

  • 731 Brent St.
  • Louisville, KY  40204

Established in 1815, Louisville Stoneware is recognized as one of the oldest stoneware companies in the United States. The 200-year-old stoneware manufacturer has long had ties to Kentucky’s rich Bourbon culture. In the 1820s, they produced the jugs used to package Bourbon from Kentucky’s rural distilleries. Bourbon was sold to general stores and saloons in wooden barrels and customers brought their Stoneware jugs to be filled with America’s Native Spirit. Today, Louisville Stoneware’s line of Bourbon-themed stoneware is a bestseller, including the handcrafted mug featuring the famous “I’d Rather Be Drinking Bourbon” tagline.

731 Brent St.
Louisville, KY 40204

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